Individual Rights

INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS – The Colorado Way of Life means enjoying equal rights regardless of your identity and being able to live your life free from government interference or identity-based harassment.

I believe a woman’s right to make life and healthcare decisions is her own – not the government’s, and not anyone else’s. I strongly supported the “Reproductive Health Equity Act to protect women’s autonomy in Colorado law (HB22-1279 – signed into law).

I sponsored legislation to hold people who commit hate crimes based on racial, ethnic, or other discriminatory motives accountable (SB21-280 – signed into law). I supported legislation to protect people from discrimination based on gender identity (HB21- 1108 – signed into law) and to update our employment discrimination laws so people discriminated against on the job have better remedies (HB22-1367 – signed into law).  I have also supported legislation to make it easier for same-sex couples to complete adoption procedures so both parents can have full legal parental rights concerning their children (HB22-1153).