District 36

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In November 2021, the Colorado Supreme Court affirmed the new state legislative maps proposed by the Independent Legislative Redistricting Commission.  This means that beginning with the 2022 general election, House District 36 will gain all of the part of Aurora in Adams County and will lose a number of neighborhoods in Arapahoe County.

To see a map of the new HD 36, click here.

To see more about the new state legislative maps, see the Independent Legislative Redistricting Commission site here.

Colorado House District 36 includes eastern Aurora and some unincorporated areas of Arapahoe County. Geographically, District 36 is larger than any other Aurora House District and extends from Chambers Road on the western boundary to the Aurora city limit (Watkins Road) on the eastern boundary and from Colfax Ave on the northern boundary to Smoky Hill Road on the southern boundary. (Click here to see a full-screen map of HD 36.)

District 36, like Aurora as a whole, is a richly diverse district. More than 20% of residents of District 36 are Hispanic or Latino, nearly 18% are African American, and more than 7% are Asian, according to data from the state of Colorado. Students who attend Aurora Public Schools speak over 100 languages and come from around 130 countries.

Neighborhoods – District 36 includes Adonea, Apache Mesa, Centrepointe, Copperleaf, Cross Creek, East Quincy Highlands, Kierkegaard Acres, Laredo Highline, Murphy Creek, Spring Creek, Spring Creek Meadows, Sorrel Ranch, The Conservatory, Tallgrass, Tollgate Crossing, Traditions and Willow Trace among other neighborhoods in Aurora and unincorporated Arapahoe County.

Schools – District 36 encompasses parts of the Aurora Public Schools district as well as Cherry Creek School District.

City of Aurora – District 36 includes parts of Aurora City Council Wards II, III, IV and VI.

Arapahoe County – District 36 is mostly within Arapahoe County Commissioner districts 3 and 5.  A very small part of the district is in county commissioner district 4.

Click here to see a full-screen map of HD 36.