Supporting Our Veterans

SUPPORTING OUR VETERANS – Colorado has a long tradition of military service.  As the son and grandson of veterans I appreciate the sacrifices that men and women in uniform, and their families, make for our country.

Below are bills I’ve sponsored and supported to honor the contributions of our service members.

75th Anniversary of End of World War II Resolution (SJR20-012) – I co-sponsored this resolution with other legislators representing Aurora and Colorado Springs – our foremost military communities – to honor Colorado’s contributions to our victory in the second World War.  This resolution also acknowledges the Colorado Freedom Memorial, located in House District 36 in North Aurora, which has painstakingly collected the names of all Colorado service members who gave their lives in World War II and other conflicts since statehood.  STATUS – passed House & Senate.

Recognition of Vietnam Veterans (HJR19-1009) – I sponsored this bipartisan resolution to honor those who were injured or gave their lives in the Vietnam conflict. This resolution coincides with the 50th anniversary of the peak period of fighting in 1968-69. STATUS: passed by both house and senate. I also supported measures honoring the contribution of African American veterans (HJR19-1008 – passed by both house and senate) and women veterans. (SB19-205 – signed into law).

Clarifying tax residency for active duty service members (SB19-029) – I supported this bipartisan bill to clarify availability of a state income tax deduction for active duty military pay when service members reacquire legal residency in Colorado after having acquired residency in another state. STATUS: signed into law.

Veterans Service Organizations (HB17-1056) – Thousands of low-level offenders are sentenced to perform community service each year in Colorado, often in conjunction with probation. However, until this year many Veterans Service Organizations (VSOs) were excluded from being able to supervise individuals performing community service.  I sponsored this bill to x this problem by allowing 501(c)(4) and 501(c)(19) VSOs to supervise community service just like other non-pro ts, so that they can bene t from this kind of work.  In addition, when individuals serving community service are themselves veterans, they can benefit from being in the presence of fellow veterans with shared experiences. STATUS – signed into law.

Continue Colorado Board of Veterans Affairs (SB17-212) – The state Board of Veterans Affairs is comprised of volunteers who work with the Colorado Division of Veterans Affairs to assist veterans in claiming benefits. The board also advocates for veterans in housing, employment, and other issues and oversees grant making to VSOs.  I sponsored this bill to continue the state board so it can perform this important workSTATUS – signed into law.

Angels of America’s Fallen (HJR17-1030) – I sponsored this bipartisan resolution to honor children who have lost a parent in the line of duty for our country and to recognize non-pro t organizations that support these children.  STATUS – passed by both house and senate.

Receiving a Legislator of the Year Award from the United Veterans Committee of Colorado.
Receiving a Legislator of the Year Award from the United Veterans Committee of Colorado.

I’ve also supported veterans’ legislation to: