Consumer Protection

CONSUMER PROTECTION – Unfortunately, Colorado ranks as one of the top states for the prevalence of scams that target seniors, veterans, and others.  Shady business practices hurt consumers and also hurt honest businesses that treat people the right way.  State laws should empower law enforcement as well as impacted individuals to seek redress against those who’ve done wrong through abusive business practices.

Below are bills I’ve sponsored to help keep Coloradans from getting ripped off.

Strengthening the Colorado Consumer Protection Act (HB19-1289) – Until this year, Colorado’s consumer protection laws were rated among the weakest in the nation. I sponsored this bill to strengthen protections for consumers harmed by irresponsible corporations by removing barriers to enforcement, updating penalty amounts for the first time in decades, and allowing action against reckless anti-consumer conduct. STATUS – signed into law.

Consumer protection bill signing, May 2019.
Consumer protection bill signing, May 2019.

Arbitration Fairness Act (HB18-1261) – Forced arbitration practices in consumer and employment contracts abridge people’s rights. Instead of resolving a debate before a neutral judge, arbitration privatizes the justice system, lacks transparency, and lacks protections against conflicts of interest by arbitrators and companies that force arbitration on consumers.  I sponsored this bill to require greater disclosures and transparency in arbitration and to provide remedies for non-compliance.  STATUS: killed on a party-line vote in GOP state senate.