Freshmen representatives instrumental in last-minute push to pass Open Records law

Weissman said after most his bills were through the process, he too turned to colleagues to help where he thought he could do the most good.

“I didn’t want to stop working on things that I thought were important,” Weissman said. “When I came aware the CORA issue was coming to a head, open records for government is important, but at the same time, there are issues like individual privacy and critical infrastructure security that have to be balanced against it.”

Kennedy and Weissman said their strategy was getting everyone to realize they weren’t going to solve all the problems in one bill.

“We narrowed down on one area where people could come to an agreement,” Weissman said. “Where a document exists in an electronic fashion, we ought to be able to get that it that way in 2017. I think everyone involved knows there will be discussions on this in the future as well.”